Art XVision FASHION Company

The Company


  • Production of clothes and accessories with screen printed poetry, inspired by a Slovenian poet
  • Upcycling used clothes to give higher value
  • Thrift shop

The Story
We are students of the Srečko Kosovel Sežan School Center (3rd year arranging technician department) and as part of the sales promotion course, we participate in the Junior Achievement Slovenia project.

We established Art XVision FASHION, a student-run company engaged in the sale of second-hand clothing and footwear, as well as the design, production, transformation, and refinement of both new and pre-owned garments.

Together with the company XVision events, we share a co-working space which also has a shop.

The Purpose

Goals of Art XVision FASHION:

  • make unique fashion creations that represent Slovenian cultural heritage
  • successfully present Slovenian cultural heritage in fashion at various fashion shows
  • "upcycling" with the help of screen printing and other ways to improve the quality of used clothes
  • successful sales in a "Thrift shop" or a store of used clothes

The Meaning / Philosophy / Our Vision
The vision of Art XVision FASHION is to become an important factor in the valorization of cultural heritage in fashion by taking into account sustainable development and care for the environment.

The Team
Director: Špelca Pelicon
Canteen: Tibor Erjavec, Zoja Babšek Sagadin, Marin Makovec
Graphic design: Ariana Fabjan, Špelca Pelicon
Thrift shop: Lea Vodopivec, Tarin Tavčar
Fashion design: Valentina Pirec, Valentina Babuder, Špela Zorman, Lana Aurora Sorta
Technical support and animation: Robi Krašna

Reasons to join WEAR.I.G.S.
To expand our market
To strengthen our brand
To have international experience