About Centre4Cult

WEAR.I.G.S. is a Virtual Joint Venture composed of four partners, all operating within the Traditional Fashion Design Industry. Our venture is dedicated to serving traditional fashion enthusiasts and advocates of slow fashion worldwide. Our primary mission is to offer customers access to fashionable, stylish, handmade, and meticulously crafted clothing and accessories. Our products draw inspiration from local, national traditions, and the rich tapestry of European Cultural Heritage. Our ultimate goal is to instill in our customers a sense of confidence and uniqueness as they embrace their own greatness through our offerings.

The WEAR.I.G.S. Joint Venture was established by four distinct fashion design companies. The brand name "WEAR.I.G.S." is derived from the phrase "Wear R.I.G.S. clothes" with "R.I.G.S." standing for Romania, Italy, Greece, and Slovenia. These countries represent the origins of the four partnering companies, embodying the rich cultural and fashion heritage they bring to our venture.
So, “Follow WEAR.I.G.S. and Feel your Greatness!”

Our Mission
In WEAR.I.G.S., we are proud of our traditional heritage and passionate about our own future creations and stories. Dedicated to our Brand and our people, we constantly strive for excellence, building strong personal connections with our clients and our potential customers. We create stylish, authentic, eco-wise and personalized clothes and accessories inspired by our cultures and we provide the most friendly, interactive e-services in our e-shop.

Our Products
Clothes: Each piece of clothing is crafted by passionate fashion designers who are devoted to expressing your uniqueness and creating exceptional, high-quality garments that align with our customers' individual style and personality. These designs draw inspiration from the stories, myths, and the aesthetics of cultural heritage, not only from their own country but also from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Accessories: Each piece of jewelry, purse, handbag, belt is made exclusively for our customers to complement and add value to their style and personality.

Our History
The individuals behind WEAR.I.G.S. first came together as participants in the European Erasmus Program KA229 School Exchange Partnerships. Their collaboration was centered around the project named "Creative Entrepreneurship for Culture." The program officially started in September 2020 and ended in August 2023.

WEAR.I.G.S. is represented by students attending the following schools:
• Liceul de Arte Vizuale “Romulus Ladea”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
• ΙΤΕΤ "Antonio de Viti de Marco", Triggiano (Bari), Italy
• Kallitehniko Gymnasio me Leikiakes Taxeis Geraka Attikis, Greece
• Solski Center Srecka Kosovela, Sezana, Slovenia
This program provided the platform for these students to come together and embark on their journey of creative entrepreneurship in the realm of culture and fashion.